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“The Social Justice & Equality – Featuring Bill Russell”


In honor of the late Bill Russell, Encore Kicks L.L.C. wanted to try something that has never been seen and/or tried before.

That something was to design a sneaker not only honoring the 11x NBA Champion but to do so with taste and class.

Through much thought and consideration Encore Kicks L.L.C. has come up with the sneaker titled: “The Social Justice & Equality – Featuring Bill Russell”.

In June 1967, a group of prominent black athletes, including Bill Russell and Jim Brown, gathered in Cleveland for a historic summit on race relations in the United States. At the time, Muhammad Ali was in the midst of a controversy over his refusal to be drafted into the military, citing his opposition to the Vietnam War and his religious beliefs as a member of the Nation of Islam. During the summit, Russell and others expressed their support for Ali’s stance and condemned the government’s attempts to force him to serve.

Russell, who was one of the most successful basketball players in history and a vocal advocate for civil rights, spoke out passionately in defense of Ali. He argued that the government’s attempts to draft Ali were part of a larger pattern of systemic racism and oppression against black Americans. Russell also praised Ali’s courage and integrity, saying that he was setting an example for others to follow.

Jim Brown, renowned as one of the greatest football players in history, was not only known for his athletic prowess but also for his activism in the civil rights movement. Brown had been involved in numerous initiatives aimed at addressing racial inequality and promoting social justice. At the Cleveland Summit, Brown stood by Ali’s side, expressing his solidarity with the boxer’s principled refusal to serve in the war. Brown believed in the power of athletes to effect positive change and recognized Ali’s role as a symbol of resistance and inspiration.

The Cleveland Summit was a significant moment in the history of sports and civil rights in America. It marked a rare moment when black athletes, who were often criticized for staying silent on political issues, came together to speak out on behalf of their community. The summit also helped to raise awareness of the larger issues of racism and discrimination in America, and helped to inspire a new generation of activists and athletes who would continue the struggle for justice and equality.

Today, Bill Russell, Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali are remembered as three of the greatest athletes and civil rights icons in American history. Their support for each other during the Vietnam War era is seen as an important moment of solidarity and resistance against injustice. Their legacy continues to inspire athletes and activists around the world to use their platforms to speak out on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed.

By utilizing that common goal for Social Justice and Equality; in 2011 Bill Russell was awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

We at Encore Kicks L.L.C. hope that you will enjoy this collaboration of a man that changed the hearts & minds of others as well as an organization that has changed the entire culture of the basketball world.

In the words of the great Bill Russell, “Think & Participate” and in doing so you will “Honor The Gift”!


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